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About this site

This site is mostly empty, because I have no ideas on what to do with it.

I only use it for ShareX and das about it.

This is my "first" domain that I actually used for something and it was a domain for my home server

My actual first domain I ever bought was but due to me fucking things up, I abandoned it and bought literally the next day.

That thing is unfortunatly gone now and so is most of this domain.

This site used to be a Wordpress site where I would dump everything and information about me but it has been superseded by

Free subdomains

To make this domain more useful and let others take advantage of it's genius name,
I setup a repo where you can add additional subdomains to it.

To add a subdomain simply edit the file under dns/dnsconfig.js and make a pull request of the changes. I will approve them daily.

You can even add MX records to your subdomain so you can use it for mail if you want.